Crawford EYE

Crawford iQ– It’s more than just Information Technology, it’s Intelligent Technology.

Crawford & Company provides its clients, customers and employees with the most advanced set of Information and Communication Technology tools in the industry.

Our EYE products are designed to give our clients, their customers and brokers the latest information relating to claims being handled by Crawford & Company in the UK.

EYE-Logos -My EYEClaims Customers
My EYE Claims enables the customer to view their claim progress, key milestones upload documents and email us directly.
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Insurers Clients and Brokers

EYE Claims enables our insurer clients and brokers to access individual claims or to download data on a portfolio of claims, online.

They can also view financial data, claim documents and key activity at the click of a button.  Upload documents directly to the claim to provide a priority task for the Crawford Claim Owner.

Eye -Logos Insurers and Brokers
EYE Portal
 enables insurers and brokers to access a wide range of bespoke management reports and data cubes.  View the data in the way you want it.