Catastrophe Response

In the aftermath of any catastrophic event, policyholders and claimants expect fast, responsive service. Crawford is uniquely equipped to handle the increases in volume, complexity and the additional stress and strain on the system of carrier infrastructure. In this space, we provide the latest information on how Crawford is responding to recent severe weather events/disasters and other major events.

Major Events

Crawford is the industry's leading independent adjusting resource for insurance claim management in response to natural and man-made disasters. In this section, you will find detailed information on our response to any major event Crawford is currently handling.

Analysis and Resources

During the last 70 years, Crawford has handled all kinds of property and casualty claims, both large and small. In this section, we share our expertise and lessons learned from select severe storms and other major events.


Crawford available 24/7 to assist you
As the latest flood clear up continues and insurers continue to notify claims, Crawford is maintaining its increased servicing to respond to a dramatic increase in claims. New instructions continue to be received at high levels as homeowners and businesses return to their properties after their festive breaks.
Crawford responds to Christmas floods
The Met Office is advising homeowners and businesses to be prepared as gusts of wind up to 80 mph in north Wales and northern England are forecast. More than 60 flood warnings have been issued in England, Wales and Scotland with rain falling on saturated ground.
Crawford ready for Christmas storms
Strong winds of up to 85 mph and heavy rain will hit the UK today. Crawford has put plans in place to ensure that it is able to flex its capacity and respond promptly to any increase in claims during the holiday period.
Crawford responds to flood claims
Following a day of severe storms and high tides, Crawford & Company adjusters have responded to insurance claims across the UK.
Crawford ready for predicted storm surge
Forecasters have issued severe flood warnings ahead of a predicted storm surge today and this evening. Gale force winds and large waves across the east coast of England are forecast to coincide with high tides to cause a significant coastal surge.
Super Typhoon Haiyan (Local Name Yolanda)
The situation on the ground regarding the devastating damage in Leyte and Samar provinces is becoming a little clearer. Tacloban City in Leyte is not readily accessible for adjusting activity as the emergency relief work is the main focus of the Philippine government and aid agencies. Some safety and security issues remain and communications in the area are challenging.
Weather Update: Vietnam Spared Worst of Haiyan
Crawford & Company’s adjusters in Vietnam have started their response to claims in the region, following the landfall of Typhoon Haiyan on the evening of 10 November. 
Weather Update: Super Typhoon Haiyan
Super Typhoon Haiyan has caused immense destruction in the Philippines and thousands of people have sadly lost their lives. Our thoughts are with all those affected by this tragedy.
Crawford responds to St Jude storm
Crawford & Company continues to update its clients on the latest details of its work supporting property owners and businesses after the St Jude storm. Damage has been less severe than initially advised by forecasters, with the bulk of claims
Weather Update: Crawford Responds to Storm
Our adjusters visited homeowners and businesses today to assess damage caused by “St Jude”. The majority of claims involve damage to roofs, boundary walls and impact from fallen trees. The main areas affected are South West, South, South East, Midlands and Eastern England.
Torrential Rain and Winds Forecast for UK
Forecasters warn that torrential rain and winds up to 90 mph are set to batter the UK on Sunday and Monday. The south of England has been warned that trees could be knocked down and buildings damaged with heavy rain expected to cause floods. 
Bushfires – Sydney
A state of emergency has been declared in New South Wales as Australian firefighters battle bushfires as conditions look set to deteriorate with high temperatures and strong winds expected to fan the flames in the coming days.  
Typhoon Wipha hits Japan
Typhoon Wipha, the eighth named typhoon of 2013 and the 26th named tropical cyclone, moved in a north eastward direction towards Japan and passed close to Tokyo in the early morning of 16th October 2013, causing about 400 international and domestic flights to be cancelled, thousands of schools to be closed and train services halted.
Market Update: Earthquake ‐ Philippines
A 7.2 magnitude earthquake rocked Bohol Island, Cebu Island and the surrounding Central Visayas Region at about 08.15 a.m. on Tuesday 15 October 2013. Bohol and Cebu are located in Central Philippines and they are about a 1 hour flight from Manila.  
Market Update: Cyclone Phailin ‐ India
As India cleans up the chaos left in the wake of a super cyclone that hit its eastern states earlier this week, Crawford & Company is responding to claims from the local and international market. Crawford has an established team in India with 7 offices including one in Orissa where the cyclone hit.
Weather Update: Midlands Flood Claim Spike
Violent storms are forecast for parts of the UK over the weekend. Prolonged downpours leading to possible flooding have prompted the Met Office to issue weather warnings for East Anglia.
Market Update: Earthquake in Wellington
A strong 6.5‐magnitude earthquake struck off New Zealand, jolting the national capital. The quake hit at 5:09pm (localtime) on Sunday 2 1 July, 57 kilometres south‐south‐west of Wellington.
Market Update: Floods in Central Europe
As flood waters begin to recede and the clean-up begins, Crawford & Company’s adjusters in central Europe have revealed further details of claims across Germany and the Czech Republic.
Market Update: Floods in Central Europe
Waters across Central Europe rose to unprecedented levels during the week, with one channel, the Saale in Germany reaching heights not seen for over 400 years.
Market Update: Flooding in Germany
Continuing rainfall in parts of Central Europe and states in the South and to the East of Germany, have caused the worst flooding of this century causing even more damage than the previous catastrophic floods of 2002.
Market Update: Cold Weather Continues
Freezing temperatures look set to continue after Easter, weather forecasters have warned. The UK is unlikely to experience normal temperatures for this part of the year until the end of next month, according to the Met Office, which has issued its 30-day forecast.
Weather Update: Cold and Snow Continue Across UK
Households and businesses in northern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland remain without electricity as the cold weather continues.
Weather Update: Floods and Snow Hit Britain
Heavy snow and flooding is causing widespread disruption across the UK. The arctic blast has also brought disruption to the transport network, with rail and road both affected by the extended period of extreme winter weather.
Market Update: Tropical Cyclone Oswald
Tropical Cyclone Oswald has caused extensive damage and Crawford has mobilised its experienced adjusters to provide help to people and businesses badly affected by flooding.
Tropical Cyclone Oswald Update
The full scale of the flood crisis arising from ex Tropical Cyclone Oswald is beginning to emerge as water begins to recede. Thousands of homes have been inundated with water, 5000kms of road have been damaged, valuable farmland has been destroyed and the death toll from the floods has tragically risen to six people.
Market Update: Tropical Cyclone Oswald
A low pressure system associated with former Tropical Cyclone Oswald produced heavy rain last weekend. Bundaberg, in Northern New South Wales, has suffered extensive flooding and is largely inaccessible.
Market Update: Tropical Cyclone Oswald
At 1am on 22 January 2013, Tropical Cyclone Oswald made landfall in the south-western Cape York Peninsula in Queensland, between the remote aboriginal communities of Pormpuraaw and Kowanyama.
Market Update: Flooding in Jakarta
The arrival of the Asian monsoon has caused intense rainfall over the last several days in Jakarta and upstream Bogor, West Java. This rainfall is not as heavy as that experienced in 2007. However, the impact is predicted to be similar.
Market Update: Tasmania Bushfires
Bushfires continue to burn in parts of Tasmania but recent change in weather conditions has enabled the Fire Service to bring the majority of fires under control to the extent that there is no longer a threat to property. To date over 130 homes have been totally destroyed from Forcett to the Tasman Peninsula.
Market Update: Tasmania Bushfires
More than 100 buildings have been destroyed by fires, which continue to burn out of control in several areas of Tasmania. No deaths have been confirmed as a result of the bushfires but more than 7,000 hectares have been destroyed in the area of Bicheno.