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Technology, Data and Analytics

There can be no doubt that claims are one of the richest data environments available for insurance professionals. Our industry collects information on an increasing basis and applies it for clients in a variety of ways. Clive Nicholls, senior vice president, Global Markets, Crawford & Company discusses in Insurance Insider how we can harness that power for the benefit of all in the insurance sector.

The Future of Cyber Insurance

In 2013, U.K. and Irish businesses alone sustained an average of more than 70 new infections a day, putting them both in the top 10 countries exposed to persistent threat. The cost to organizations of data breaches is growing and most of the consequential losses currently remain uninsured. One of the key challenges in aiding the development of a viable cyber insurance market is finding the right approach to handling both first- and third-party elements of complex cyber claims, according to Benedict Burke, senior vice president, Crawford & Company.

Roads to Resilience - The Power of Positive Thinking

Crawford & Company worked with Airmic and the Cranfield School of Management to identify not so much how to manage crises once they have occurred but to understand how resilient corporates best avoid them or mitgate their commercial impact. The result - Roads to Resilience examined eight leading organisations that have had to deal with significant uncertainty. Its findings are positive, inspiring and can point the way to risk management fulfilment.

Market Update: Sewage Overflows Caused by Flooding

Following the winter deluge, Crawford & Company UK's adjusters have encountered frequent problems involving sewage overflows in domestic and commercial properties. The resultant need to clean and decontaminate property is obviously paramount and in this market update, we detail a number of elements customers and insurers should look out for in such cases.