2015 Storms Desmond, Eva & Frank

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Storm -desmond

Response to December Storms Continues

Record rainfalls saw some areas experience more than one month's rain when Storm Desmond hit Cumbria on 5-6 December.  A record amount of rain, over 340 mm, for a 24-hour period caused flood defences to be breached and left over 5,300 homes flooded across the North of England, predominantly in Cumbria.  The main towns to suffer damage were Appleby, Carlisle, Cockermouth, Kendal and Keswick although other areas also suffered damage.

On Christmas Eve, gales and heavy rain from Storm Eva flooded parts of the north-west England, Scotland and north Wales.  A few days later, Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England bore the brunt of Storm Frank.

Early estimates suggest insured losses from the floods are likely to exceed US$1.8 billion. The Association of British Insurers (ABI) estimates that between December 3 2015 and January 3 2016:

-         US$34 million in total was spent on emergency payments to households and businesses;

-         3,000 families were helped into alternative accommodation;

-         US£70,000 was the average cost of a domestic property flood claim, and

-         Over 8,300 loss adjuster visits were made.

Crawford quickly responded to help people affected by this event and continues to handle a large number of flood and storm claims including homes, retail outlets, care homes and factories.  We continue to have a high number of adjusters in the flooded area to provide assistance to homeowners and businesses.

For assistance with Storm Desmond, Eve & Frank events in the UK, contact ClaimsAlert on 0141 229 7500.